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Appendix Eight: Locations

For historical reference, the following is a list of known DuMont plants and locations with photos. This list is based on a 1953 book called The Story of Television, published by Allen B. DuMont Laboratories.

Allen B. DuMont Laboratories, Inc.

General Offices
Cathode-Ray Tube Division, Instrument Division, Government Department
750 Bloomfield Avenue, Clifton, New Jersey

Bloomfield Avenue, then and now. Most recently a wallpaper warehouse, the building has been subdivided, and space is available. Some of the front windows are broken or crumbling, but the exterior looks much the same as it did sixty years ago.

Research Division
2 Main Avenue, Passaic, New Jersey

2 Main Avenue, then and now. A former pickle works when DuMont bought it, the building is now occupied by a design firm.

Television Receiver Manufacturing and Sales Divisions
35 Market Street, East Paterson, New Jersey

35 Market Street.

Television Receiver Service Control Department
263 16th Avenue, Paterson, New Jersey

263 16th Avenue.

Transmitter Division
1500 Main Avenue, Clifton, New Jersey

1500 Main Avenue today, formerly a silk factory. Second photo shows the inscription above the door. The building has been subdivided and is now occupied by multiple tenants.

Television Station WABD General Offices
515 Madison Avenue, New York 22, New York

515 Madison Avenue today. The tower erected atop the building for WABD is still standing, and most recently was used by a college radio station.

Tele-Centre Studios 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
205 East 67th Street, New York 21, New York

The entrance to 205 East 67th Street, then and now. The building is still occupied by New York's Channel 5, and is known today as the Fox Television Center.

Studios A, B, and C
John Wanamaker's, Broadway at 9th Street, New York 3, New York

The former John Wanamaker's building as it looks today.

DuMont Adelphi Theatre
152 West 54th Street, New York 19, New York

The Adelphi, seen here in 1963, was razed in 1970.

DuMont Ambassador Theatre
215 West 49th Street, New York 19, New York

The Ambassador Theatre, then and now.

Television Station WTTG
Raleigh Hotel, 12 and E Streets, N.W., Washington 4, D.C.

Postcard view of the Raleigh Hotel, demolished in 1964.

Television Station WDTV
Chamber of Commerce Building, 411 Seventh Avenue, Pittsburgh 19, Pa.

The Chamber of Commerce Building today. Radio station KQV occupied this corner with its street-level studios for many years after WDTV moved to One Gateway Center in 1954.


Thanks to Doug Douglass for his assistance with this page.

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