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Appendix Six: MBC

The following is a list of the eight DuMont programs which are known to exist in the archives of the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago, compiled by the author via MBC's online database. Because the number of titles is fewer than those at UCLA, greater detail of each program is provided. Exact air dates and program titles are included below, where known.

The author has provided this listing as a reference to assist in documenting those DuMont programs which have survived and are accessible to the public. You can check the MBC Web site to search for other DuMont programs, or E-mail the author if you have any additions or corrections.

The DuMont programs listed in the MBC database are as follows:

ABC's Breakfast Club with Don McNeill
With: Don McNeill, Fran Allison, Patsy Lee, Johnny Desmond, and Sam Cowling. Comedy, songs, and audience participation. (Note: This particular show orignated from WFIL-TV in Philadelphia, but aired on DuMont's WABD in New York City because ABC did not yet have a TV station of its own there.)
(1 hour)

Cavalcade of Stars
With: Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, Arthur Lee Simpkins, Georgia Gibbs, Earl Wilson, Bob Fosse, and the June Taylor Dancers. Variety show with skits and songs.
(1 hour)

Miss U.S. Television Grand Finals
With: Edith (later Edie) Adams. Thirteen contestants vie for the title of Miss U.S. Television. Broadcast from the Chicago Fair of 1950. (Note: A brief clip of this program was shown on the WGN-TV 40th Anniversary special in 1988; the author would give his eye teeth to see the whole thing!)
(55 minutes)

Public Prosecutor
With: Warren Hull. Panelists try to guess the identity of the guilty party. (Note: DuMont took the original short TV films from 1947-48 and created a panel show around them to fill the half-hour time slot.)
(25 minutes)

Rocky King, Detective - "Death Has Dark Hands"
With: Roscoe Karns, Grace Carney, Earl Hammond, and Joe Silver. Dr. Sloan, a famous chemist, is murdered, and Rocky King is called in on the case.
(30 minutes)

The Morey Amsterdam Show (listed as Silver Swan Cafe)
With: Morey Amsterdam, Art Carney, Don Russell, and Eileen Barton. Variety show.
(30 minutes)

They Stand Accused - "The Johnny Roberts Story"
With: Lee Henry, John Himes, Stanley Gordon, Hollis Burke, Dale Rodney, and Carmelita Pope. In this unusual custody case, a dead man comes back to life.
(30 minutes)

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